Welcome to SpaceKappa!

Welcome to SpaceKappa!

Look at Mario up there. I put that picture there when this was a test post but I decided to leave it. What better way to usher in my new site than with a picture of my favorite game?

Hi everyone! My name is Joe Walker and this is SpaceKappa, a new site where I’ll be writing about video games mostly, but also various pop culture stuff and also some general life stuff here and there.

Most of my bio stuff is on my About page (along with my handsome mug) but for the quick version, I’m in my early 30s, I live in Boston with my wife (who I met on an Animal Crossing message board) and we just had a beautiful baby girl a few months ago. I’ve always loved writing and had grand aspirations to be a Real Games Writer and spent some time writing for Nintendo Life (and their sister sites Push Square and Pure Xbox) before giving the YouTube thing a shot.

I had a lot of fun with it and was really proud of my work, but my channel wasn’t growing the way I’d hoped and once my daughter was born there just wasn’t time to spend dozens of hours working on a video anymore. However I’m still a crazy person with this stupid urge to create things. I missed writing and it’s much easier to write around a baby’s schedule than making video content, so here we are!

Plus, hey, it never hurts to have a better collection of writing samples for whenever a dream job opens up!

So yeah, I hope you enjoy your time here and the things I have to say. I’m going to be writing everything with my “voice” so don’t expect any, like, gaming news or anything. This is just going to be my thoughts on things, and hopefully you’ll enjoy my perspective.

So thanks for checking the site out! I hope to see you in the comments section!