It’s Okay if a Game Isn’t For You

It’s Okay if a Game Isn’t For You

Mario and Rabbids, together at last! Two great tastes even better together, like peanut butter and getting hit by a bus.

Yeah, one of the worst kept gaming secrets of 2017 was finally sorta kinda confirmed when key art and documents for Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch hit the internet last week.  Of course, as is tradition, sarcasm and snark were the overwhelming sentiment on Twitter Dot Com.

Which, hey, that’s fine! I like being sarcastic and when a gaming premise as ridiculous as this comes along we have a certain responsibility to have some fun with it. I mean, come on. Rabbids flamed out years ago and the first thing that happens when Mario is handed off to a Western developer is they equip him and his entire crew with firearms. It’s so perfectly insane that I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

So yeah, having some fun when weird things get announced is totally fine. It’s when people get legitimately angry that I start to make the same face as this emoji: 🤔

It happens a lot when game developers announce, well, basically anything. Game fans are a demanding bunch, and when something comes along that doesn’t meet their high standards, well, they just need to make sure everyone knows about it. How dare GameSoft make this game, I want a sequel to this game instead! This travesty will not go unpunished! THE INTERNET WILL KNOW OF MY DISPLEASURE.

But here’s the thing: there are LOTS of people out there that play games, and – stay with me here – they all like different things. It’s almost like, hey, there’s no one way to make a good video game or something.

I never understood the sentiment that if something is announced that you’re not stoked for you need to shout from the proverbial rooftops that it’s dumb and terrible and shouldn’t be made. There’s all kinds of stuff I see every day that doesn’t interest me and I just ignore it. Could you imagine applying this to anything outside video games? It’s like if I was at the grocery store and threw a big hissy fit when I saw Hot Pockets in a flavor I didn’t like and complained online about how it was taking resources away from making more of the barbecue beef flavor.

But for real, can you imagine if every game was tailor made just for you? It’d be horrible. There would be dozens of games released each month that you’d be dying to get to but it wouldn’t be humanly possible to play them all. You’d go bonkers. It’s death by a thousand cuts, but if the cuts were something good, like ice cream.

In all seriousness though, it’s important to remember that a good chunk of the gaming audience is made up of children. Children like silly things, like Rabbids and their more contemporary replacement Minions. It’s important for kids to have silly things like this that they get to enjoy and not have spoiled by a bunch of sour grapes with an entitlement complex. Mario & Rabbids isn’t being developed in-house by Nintendo so it’s not hurting the development of Super Mario Odyssey. There’s literally nothing to complain about. And hey, it might actually be sorta decent maybe!

Life is short. Why waste time being unhappy? Instead of being a big old butthead, why not let other people enjoy the games they like and spend your time and energy being stoked about things that you think are rad? I think that’s a win-win for everyone.

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