Some Cool Gaming Stuff I Own, Part 1

Some Cool Gaming Stuff I Own, Part 1

I’ve loved games for as long as I can remember, and I’ve loved collecting things I don’t need for basically the same amount of time. As you can imagine I’ve wound up with a lot of cool gaming stuff around my house over the years, so I decided to share some of that stuff with you guys! Let’s start with…

Yoshi’s Island DS statue!

This is a super cool polyresin statue of Yoshi and Baby Mario to promote the release of Yoshi’s Island DS in 2006. They were given away at the GameStop manager’s conference that year, with the caveat that if Nintendo saw them on eBay they’d never do anything like this again. Needless to say a ton of them wound up on eBay, and Nintendo never did anything like that again.

I believe each store got three statues (one for the store manager, the assistant store manager and whichever senior game advisor won a duel to the death). I was not a senior game advisor at the time, but luckily this was shortly before I moved across the country to live with my now-wife. I traded the SGA my CRT TV for it, because I didn’t want to try to ship a heavy TV from Sacramento to Boston, and he didn’t really like Nintendo anyway.

There are people online who claim you could also win them from an online questionnaire Nintendo ran, but I don’t know anything about that. I just know it’s super cool. I did decorate mine a little bit with my…

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour Necklace!

I may have some details for this one wrong because there is like, NO information on this online. I can’t find it on Google image search and I’ve only ever seen it on eBay ONCE.

When Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour was released for the GameCube in 2003 there were special tournament courses you could unlock by putting in passwords that corresponded with different retailers or online events, like Hollywood Video or Nintendo’s online summer camp event Camp Hyrule.

One of these was called the Target Bullseye Tour, run by every 20- and 30-something’s favorite store, Target. The password was packed in with specially marked copies sold only at Target with the idea being that people would buy it there to get the password, but I think a lot of people did what I did and just rent the game and find the password online. Once you finished playing the tournament the game would give you another code that you entered on a website to win prizes. I’m pretty sure everyone got the necklace, because all my friends online who entered it wound up getting one too.

The necklace is peak early-aughts fashion, with faux-leather cords and wooden beads. I LOVED this necklace and wore it ALL. THE. TIME. Eventually it broke (I have a big neck and I’m very self-conscious about it, thank you for not bringing it up), and while I don’t remember ever throwing it away it must have gotten lost in my move because I couldn’t ever find it. I searched eBay for YEARS before another one popped up and I’m really excited to have it back. It won’t fit me anymore (big neck, thanks) but I think it looks good on Yoshi.

Teeny Tiny Link Figure!

This is seriously one of my favorite things I own. It’s just such a weird, unique thing. I love it to teeny tiny pieces.

Back in 2004-2005ish I was on a trip with my then-girlfriend and her family, and while I can’t remember if it was at Disneyland or Universal Studios we were in a shop that was focused on movie memorabilia. One of those quarter vending machine thingies caught my eye – it had small Zelda toys in it! I’m pretty sure I had to borrow some quarters from her parents (it was $.75) but I popped in the coins, turned the crank and out popped Link!

I’ve done more research on them lately and while there’s not much info, they were put out by Tomy in 1998 to promote the game. There are six figures in the set: tiny Adult Link, tiny Young Link, tiny Adult Zelda, tiny Young Zelda, tiny Ganondorf and… tiny Poe. A Poe! What a weird choice. Adult Link was definitely the one I wanted, but I’d have been happy with a Poe.

I don’t see these pop up for sale often, and when they do prices are all over the place but they’re all high. Full sets are usually around $300, but sometimes single figures are half that. It’s weird. I don’t ever plan on getting more though, even if the prices weren’t outrageous. I like my tiny Link and the story that goes with him.

Sonic 15th Anniversary Figure!

I completely forgot which game this was a preorder bonus for, and yep, Sonic 06. I feel like people who preordered that game definitely deserved more than this.

Oh me? I didn’t preorder it. I worked at GameStop, and the store I worked at in my hometown in California let us take extra preorder bonus items if we wanted them. That’s how I got a lot of the cool stuff I’ll be showing you throughout this series!

Anyway, these things are FRAGILE. Sonic’s skinny legs snapped if you looked at them funny. The box of figures we got had several broken when we received them, and I broke one by dropping it. We put them out for people for free if they wanted to take them home and try gluing them back together.

Growing up as a Genesis kid I will always love Sonic no matter how many human girls he kisses or times he shows up in live action to fight Jim Carrey. This statue/figure thingy is the perfect reminder that even cool things (rare and expensive figures) can come from the lowest lows (Sonic 06).

So yeah! That’s four cool gaming things I own. I hope you enjoyed, because I have a lot more to show soon! Thanks for giving me an excuse to dig stuff out of boxes.