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Month: May 2019

Just a Trim, Thanks

Just a Trim, Thanks

I have a lot of video games. My wife has a lot of video games. When we moved in together we had a LOT of video games. Before we had a kid and our money could be used for fun things we got MORE video games. The number of video games we have is very high!

Well, HAD is probably the better word at this point. We still have a lot, but noticeably less than we had before. I say noticeably, but it’s probably only noticeable to me and not to, say, my stepmom who looked at me and said “holy crap” when she walked into our living room and saw our shelves for the first time.

Anyway, I’ve been getting rid of a lot of games lately and I have to be honest, it feels great. Really, truly great. My anxiety and stress levels have been all over the place lately and games were making my problems worse, not better. I was starting to feel owned by my games rather than the other way around. I’d feel guilty playing a game when I knew I had others sitting there I hadn’t gotten to yet or stopped halfway through. Something had to give. So a couple of days ago I got a box and started pulling stuff off the shelf.

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