Mountain Dew Liberty Brew Review: It’s So Blue

Mountain Dew Liberty Brew Review: It’s So Blue

I wrote about how much I love soda, and by extension, gimmicky seasonal soda in my review of the wretched and vile Pepsi Fire last year so I’ll save you all the foreplay on this one. Mountain Dew has a new summer soda this year and I tried it, because of course I did.

Mountain Dew Liberty Brew replaces last year’s DEW.S.A. as the patriotic soft drink of the summer, and while it’s a huge step down in terms of clever naming it’s definitely a step up in taste. DEW.S.A. (that’s so much more frustrating to write than to say) was a mixture of red, white and blue Dew (Code Red, White Out and Voltage) that was supposed to represent the colors of AMERICA, but the soda itself was a weird shade of purple which is not very AMERICA. It tasted fine, but wasn’t anything special.

By contrast Liberty Brew (you have to salute every time you say it) is blue, which is one third of the most patriotic color combination known to man or bald eagle. It’s presented as a mixture of 50 flavors which sounds like it would be a bad time, but because this is the official soda of amber waves of grain it’s actually quite good. While I don’t taste 50 different flavors, I definitely taste one: blue. I taste blue.

The official soda of Happy Happy Village.

This soda is blue. It looks blue, it smells blue, it tastes blue. Eiffel 65 would write a song about it. It looks like a magic potion. It’s supposed to be a mishmash of 50 different berry flavors but it just tastes blue. Not blue raspberry, not “blue vanilla”, just… blue.

And that’s not a bad thing! I can appreciate novelty when the situation calls for it. I don’t drink soda to be healthy or for ~natural flavors~. When a new Mountain Dew flavor comes out that tastes like a Slurpee I am HERE FOR IT with clap emojis. I was going to buy some soda anyway since it’s E3 week and this all worked out great. I found a bottle in my local 7-11, then drove to the grocery store and bought a 12-pack of cans.

I sent this picture to my wife with the message “I FOUND IT”

My wife says it tastes like these barrel drinks, which apparently have different names depending on where you grew up such as “teenie drinks” or “hugs” or other nonsense that probably sounded good in the 1950s, which is basically the kind of vernacular New England still uses today. I never had these as a cool California kid, but maybe you did. If you did, I have it on good authority that the blue one is what Liberty Brew tastes like.

I can’t tell if this picture is from 1960 or 1990.

I don’t have much more to say really. The label oversells the flavor (I want someone who works there to tell me all 50 flavors that went in) but it’s tasty and is definitely appropriate for the summer. I really don’t ever let myself have soda except for special occasions anymore but my wife and I went through the 12-pack in four days and I really don’t want to let myself go buy another one. I might though… for AMERICA.

It’s quite majestic in the natural light.